Metal fabrication WORK -Plasma Metal Cutting In Modesto CA

We are a small metal fab shop in Modesto Ca with a niche for detail. We offer plasma cutting, Press brake, and automotive fabrication as well as decorative metal art.

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OUR WORK –Plasma Metal Cutting


1. Plasma cutting: Plasma cutting is a process of cutting metal via a CNC(computer numerically controlled) machine coupled with a plasma cutter that uses electric arc and compressed air to cut.

2. Metal cutting: Same as above description. Plasma cutting is a process used for cutting metal.

3. Paintwork: The surface is first blasted with media beads then polished via hand polisher. Items are then primed with a self-etching primer, then color added in multiple coats and finished off with several coats of gloss clear coat front and back for protection indoors and outdoors.

4. Decorative metal art is pieces of metal cut out and painted for the sole purpose of decoration indoors or outdoors.

5.Press break is a term for bending metal up to 1/4″ thick. (We rarely use this service)

6. Automotive Fabrication: We design and draw parts as well as cut parts out and install on vehicles. We are capable of the biggest or smallest jobs. Inquire within. These services are provided in our shop right here in Modesto ca! Deposit required on ALL custom work.

A Collection of Flags Hand Made in the USA 209-613-6140, Modesto CA

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