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how many item i can list in ebay for free?

The number of free listings you can have on eBay depends on your seller level and account location. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Standard for You get 250 free listings per month. This applies to auction-style or fixed price listings.
  • Other eBay sites: The number of free listings may differ or you might not have any free listings at all on other eBay international sites.

Important to Remember:

  • Even if you use up your free listings, you can still list more items. You’ll just be charged insertion fees for those listings.
  • Free listings are subject to eBay’s selling limits, which could restrict the number of items you can sell based on your sales history.

Here are some resources to check your free listings and selling limits:

I hope this clarifies how many items you can list for free on eBay!

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