SEO Service San Francisco blog spa Having a Juvenex Spa Massage or hot tub in New York is one of the best ways for stress relief relaxation techniques

Having a Juvenex Spa Massage or hot tub in New York is one of the best ways for stress relief relaxation techniques


young handsome man getting a massage. Spa in New York City, Manhattan

Juvenex Spa massage provides the spa place for the company Group party and events,


Portrait of an stressed businessman at desk in office. Businessman being depressed by working in office. He might need a take a break in massage place or hot spa place in New York City, Juvenex Spa is the best place.

please call us: 646-733-1330 

Juvenex Spa: address: 25 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

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If you need immediate assistance or would like to speak to someone, please call us at 646-733-1330. You can also e-mail us at [email protected] or use the contact form. We will respond to your message within 24 hours.

Also, You can Always our Spa service anytime via our reservation on the web.

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Having a Spa Massage or hot tub is one of the best ways for stress relief relaxation techniques

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please call us for reservation: 646-733-1330.

Spa massage is the best way to relieve your work stress and anxiety!

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NYC loft rentals for events, party space rental Manhattan, private event space NYC, Outside venues for birthday parties, where to rent a hall for a party NYC, Juvenex Spa provide the whole spa floor rental in New York City. please call us for reservation: 646-733-1330

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spa massage review in New York

Had a lovely afternoon with the shower, steam, salt scrub and sauna and a leg and underarm wax. All of these services were good (ranged from OK to very good)- Steam room smelled a touch stale/mildew, but OK. The hot tub soak was also only OK- not really hot enough and not more special than a bath I might have at home. Dry sauna was nice- good temerature and relaxing- but hard for me to get comfortable (I have a back injury and there was no way to really lie down or lean back). So the only ding was because of my own physical need. Scrub was excellent (very exposing, so if you are shy it’s not for you). Scrubber was nice and attentive, water hot, nice cucumber mask. The leg and underarm wax were OK but they missed a few spots on my leg and did not do a great job checking their work. The overall experience was relaxing, but I would give 3.5 stars if that were an available rating. Good more than “very good.”

I first went to Juvenex in August 2011 a week before my wedding with friends and family. I had the spa package that included the bath and full body scrub. To beat the bridal blues I also had a full body massage. We ladies had an excellent experience. The scrub was invigorating and refreshing. And the body massage was one of the best I have ever had. Recently, I went with my husband for my birthday. We purchased the couples package with the massage. The services began with a romantic spa bath in a jacuzzi, followed by a couples full body massage. The greatest part of the spa experience there is the access to the other spa services. The steam and sauna are wonderful. They also offer tea, lemon or cucumber water as well as fresh cut pineapple or green melon. The fruit is always very fresh and tasty. I also got a mani/pedi and it lasted for forever without chipping. I highly recommend Juvenex! It is not just a spa but an experience. A very relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

We went here for a couples package. I have had several massages in my life and I have to say this is the top of my list!! My hubby and I had such a romantic time. WILL come back!!!


Hectic schedules can wreak havoc on the body and the muscles of the head, neck and
shoulders. Recharge with our thirty minute specialized massage geared to release tension.
Mosht-O-Maul (Sports Massage)
This massage technique originated in Turkey, Russia and Persia and provides stimulating and deep manipulation of the muscles and limbs. You leave feeling as if you had a great workout.

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Foot massage near me in New York City

please call us: 646-733-1330 

Juvenex Spa: address: 25 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

massage near me New York Manhattan NY – Juvenex Spa

Stone foot reflexology vacations travel packages shiatsu massage

bath and body massage envy Asian massage in New York NYC.

Reflexology Massage Let warmed river rocks, soothing oils and a skilled therapist’s hands bring you to deep inner peace with soothing, rhythmic strokes.

Energy Balancing Therapy Asian massage therapies including Acupressure, Shiatsu, and Deep Sports Massage are used to stimulate or sedate the meridian systems of the body and release blocked chi. One or all techniques may be requested.


please call us: 646-733-1330 

Juvenex Spa: address: 25 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

Juvenex Spa Provides a variety of massages and it will give you a relief and decreases pain, muscle spasms, reduces chronic stress and tension, Increases flexibility in your joints. Thermo-Stone TherapyReflexology Massage, Mosht-O-Maul (Sports Massage), Express Massage, Four Hands Dream Massage in New York City NYC Manhattan.

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